Edgar Hardcastle

Echoes of the People's Convention

Source: Socialist Standard, December 1941.
Transcription: Socialist Party of Great Britain.
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It is an old saying that new converts are more zealous than old believers. The People's Convention since its overnight conversion to war on the night of June 22nd is now a whole-hogger.

The Peoples Convention, which in January wanted immediate peace and an appeal to the German people over Hitler's head, now presses for intensified war effort and. the creation of a second front.

At an Anglo-Soviet rally in Friends' House, Euston Road, London, yesterday, every utterance in favour of our more active participation in the war was loudly cheered.

"We are letting the golden days go past," said Dr. Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury."If we had invaded the Continent in June the Dneiper Dam would still be working and Russia would have retained most of her lost industries. We have lengthened the war immeasurably."—(Sunday Express, November 2nd, 1941.)

Mr. Pollitt, in his new role, writes as follows : —

Russia is working, fighting and dying in a manner unknown in world history. So must we in Britain. So we can in Britain if the Government sets out to command the unstinted support of the people by proving by every one of its actions that Russia and Britain are in a real alliance, in which we take our full share and make the same sacrifices that the victory over Hitler is demanding. —(Workers' News.)