Letters of Frederick Engels

To Marie Engels
In Mannheim

Source: MECW Volume 2, p. 531
Written: 5 April 1841
First published: in Marx/Engels, Gesamtausgabe, Abt. 1, Bd. 2, 1930

Why didn’t you write to me in Bremen? You really don’t deserve to hear from me again, but this time I shall make an exception and write you a few lines to cheer your lonely time in Mannheim. I have been installed in the room next to my old one, which is now the music room, where I have buried myself under a mass of Italian books, and emerge now and again for a turn at fencing with Hermann [Engels] or Adolf [von Griesheim]. I have just finished a few rounds with August [Engels], Hermann and Bernhard and as a result my hand is a bit shaky, so today as well my writing is very bad and learned-looking. When we went to Vohwinkel yesterday, I met nearly everyone who was at the gymnasium with me.

The weather is splendid here but today I have to go on a miserably boring visit to the Wemhöners. I'll remember you to Emil [Wernhöner] Luise Snethlage has linked up with Hermann Siebel and seems to be enjoying it. For the rest, Barmen is still the same old place, and all I ask of you is to fulfil your duty to me as quickly as

you possibly can. Yours,

Barmen, [241] April 5, 41