Letters of Marx and Engels, 1845

Marx To Heinrich Heine [43]
In Paris

Source: MECW Volume 38, p. 30;
Written: 24 March 1845;
First published: in Archiv für die Geschichte des Sozialismus und der Arbeiterbewegung, jg. 9, Leipzig, 1921;

Brussels, rue Pachecho vis-à-vis
de l'hôpital St. Jean, No. 35

Dear Heine,

If I write you no more than a few lines today, you must excuse me on the grounds of the multifarious vexations I have had with the Customs.

Püttmann in Cologne has requested me to ask you if you couldn’t possibly send a few poems (perhaps also your German fleet?) for the Jahrbüch [Rheinische Jahrbücher] in Darmstadt, a periodical not subject to censorship. You can address the material to me. The latest date — but you'll probably have something immediately to hand — is 3 weeks hence. My wife sends her cordial regards to yourself and your wife. [Mathilde] The day before yesterday, I went to the local Administration de la sûret publique, [police headquarters] where I had to state in writing that here in Belgium I would publish nothing about current politics.

Renouard and Börnstein have had your Wintermärchen printed in Paris, New York being given as the place of publication, and have offered it for sale here in Brussels. This pirated edition is said, in addition, to be teeming with printer’s errors. More another time.