Letters of Marx and Engels, 1847

Marx To Roland Daniels
In Cologne

Source: MECW Volume 38 p. 110
Written: 7 March 1847;
First published: in Marx and Engels, Works, First Russian Edition, 1934.

Brussels, 7 March 1847

Dear Daniels,

You or one of the others in Cologne may get a letter from Hess about communist affairs. I would urgently ask that none of you should answer until I have provided you with documents and letters through W [probably Georg Weerth or Joseph Weydemeyer]. At all events, I must again urgently request you to come here. I have some important things to tell you which cannot be communicated by post. If you can’t come, then H. Bürgers must spend a few days here. You or your representative will stay with me .... [remainder of the letter is missing, save for the next sentences, which are written in the margin. After the words ‘with me’ Marx added ‘see above']

So either you or H. Bürgers come to Malines as soon as possible.

Forward the enclosed letter to Zulauff,[145] Grünstrasse, Elberfeld.

Do not come to Brussels but to Malines and write the day before to say when you or Bürgers are coming.

You can neglect your bourgeois affairs for a day or two.