Karl Marx and Frederick Engels 1848

To The Committee of The German Democratic Society in Paris

Source: MECW Volume 7, p. 10;
Written: April 1, 1848;
First published in Russian in: Marx and Engels, Collected Works, Moscow, 1934

To Herr Bornstedt and Others [5]

Paris, April 1, 1848
22 rue Neuve Saint Augustin


The following will serve as a repay to the note of Herr Bornstedt and others which was this morning left with Marx:

1. Marx has not the least intention of rendering anybody an account for any German newspaper article.

2. Marx has not the least intention of giving an account to any committee or deputation of the German Democratic Society with which he has nothing to do.

3. If Herr Bornstedt and Herr Herwegh demand explanations in their personal capacity and not as members of any committee or society, then Herr Bornstedt has already once before privately and also once publicly been told to whom they should address themselves.