Victor Serge

Year One of the Russian Revolution



Written: 1925–1928, Vienna, Leningrad, Dietskoye Seloe.
First Published: L’An 1 de la révolution russe, 1930.
Source: New International, Vol. XIV Nos. 3–9 & Vol. XV Nos. 1, 2 & 5, March 1948–July 1949.
Translation: Dan Eastman.
Transcription: Ted Crawford & Einde O’Callaghan.
Mark-up: Einde O’Callaghan.

Part I: The October Insurrection

Part II: The Counter-Revolutionary Socialists

Part III: The First Flames of the Civil War

Part IV: Dissolution of the Constituent Assembly

Part V: Summary of the First Months

Part VI: The Dispute Over Brest-Litovsk

Part VII: The Revolution in Finland

Part VIII: Left Communism and Inner-Party Conflict

Part IX: Suppression of the Anarchists

Part X: Life and Culture in 1918

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