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Fourth International, December 1949


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, Vol.10 No.11, December 1949, p.322.
Transcription & mark-up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The national subscription campaign conducted during November by the Socialist Workers Party for The Militant, America’s leading socialist weekly, gave an encouraging boost to the circulation of Fourth International, theoretical magazine of American Trotskyism.

A number of those visited by the sub-getters took advantage of the opportunity to get a combined subscription to both publications for $4, thus saving 50c.

Most of the other cities also showed a favorable increase in FI subs as a result of their work with The Militant. As Literature Agent Winifred Nelson of St. Paul observed:

“We have gotten 4 FI subs during the course of the campaign, and we also have sold some literature in the course of going after subs. It always seems to work that way, doesn’t it? A stepping up of one literature activity encourages the selling of the rest.”

* * *

The August issue of Fourth International, which was devoted to one subject, The American Empire, has been favorably received abroad.

Quatrième Internationale, published in Paris by the International Executive Comittee of the 4th International, had this to say:

“This number of Fourth International is undoubtedly the best all-around study of American imperialism from the point of view of revolutionary Marxism and will be: of great usefulness for the whole international revolutionary vanguard. We think we will be able to publish this entire number as a pamphlet in French for the use of revolutionary militants.”

* * *

That reminds us that extra copies of the August issue are still available. Literature Agents should check their stock and keep a sufficient number of this issue on hand. Like a pamphlet especially designed for the purpose, it constitutes an excellent introduction to the Marxist view of the role of American imperialism in the turbulent world of today. It is very timely.

Devoted to the drive of the Wall Street oligarchy toward domination of the entire world, the editorial staff assess the meaning of this ominous development to the American people.

From obscure records, John G. Wright assembles the facts revealing the startling increase in the size of the giant fortunes since Ferdinand Lundberg’s book America’s 60 Families exposed the enormous concentration of wealth in America in 1937.

George Clarke presents the black record of Washington’s foreign policy, while G.F. Eckstein points out why Big Business has launched its assault on basic democratic rights here at home.

Bert Cochran deals with the top labor bureaucrats as lieutenants of Wall Street in peddling the evil schemes of American imperialism abroad and keeping the labor movement tied to the capitalist political parties in the United States.

William F. Warde sums up 60 years of anti-imperialist struggle in the United States, and outlines the possibilities of effectively opposing the power-mad dreams of the oligarchs.

If you haven’t read The American Empire issue yet, send 25c for a copy. For one dollar we’ll send you five copies. Your friends will appreciate a copy of this realistic, factual study of the tiny circle of multi-billionaires who rule America.

* * *

Literature Agents have been so occupied with The Militant subscription campaign that they have overlooked reporting on sales of the November issue. However, we took two orders that came in as a favorable omen.

Detroit ordered 100 extra copies.

“We’re going to attempt to sell them throughout the city on the scale done some six or seven months ago with the issue on the American labor movement,” writes Literature Agent Howard Mason. “It was felt this would be an excellent issue to have our UAW contacts read.”

Philadelphia ordered 50 extra copies of this issue.

Trade union militants in these two cities no doubt found the article by Irvin Marnin of special interest, The UE Faces the Split. This dealt with the crisis of unionism in the electrical industry and gives a solid factual background of the internal struggle that preceded the ouster of the UE from the CIO.

* * *

J.S. of Saskatchewan, Canada, dropped a note to us:

“I read The Militant and Fourth International and would not like to be without them. Perhaps my subscriptions are run out. If you let me know I will send in renewals.”

Subscribers like J.S. are really appreciated! However it isn’t generally necessary to write us to find out when your subscription expires. A notice is enclosed in your copy to let you know in plenty of time.

If your copy this month contained an expiration notice, make sure to renew promptly!

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