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International Socialist Review, November-December 1968


Books Received


From International Socialist Review, Vol.29 No.6, November-December 1968, pp.57-59.
Transcribed & Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.



Black Protest – History, Documents and Analyses: 1619 to the Present
edited by Joanne Grant
Fawcett. 512 pp. $.95 paper.

The Black Power Revolt – A Collection of Essays
edited by Floyd B. Harbour
Extending Horizons Books. 287 pp. $5.95.

The Right of Revolution
by Truman Nelson
Beacon Press. 148 pp. $4.95.

Dusk of Dawn: An Essay Toward An Autobiography of a Race Concept
by W.E. Burghardt DuBois
Schocken Books. 344 pp. $2.45 paper.

William Styron’s Nat Turner: Ten Black Writers Respond
edited by John Henrik Clarke
Beacon Press. 120 pp. $4.95.

Growing up Black
edited by Jay David
Morrow. 256 pp. $6.50.


Korea and the Politics of Imperialism, 1876-1910
by C.I. Eugene Kim and Han-Kyo Kim
University of California Press. 260 pp. $7.00.


The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, 1872-1914
Bantam. 308 pp. $1.25 paper.


Marx and Modern Economics
edited by David Horowitz
Monthly Review Press. 380 pp. $7.95.

Theory of Economic Dynamics: An Essay on Cyclical and Long-Run Changes in Capitalist Economy
by M. Kalecki
Monthly Review Press. 176 pp. $6.00.


Most Uncommon Jacksonians: The Radical Leaders of the Early Labor Movement
by Edward Pessen
State University of New York Press. 208 pp. $7.00.

Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology
edited by Joyce L. Kornbluth
University of Michigan Press. 419 pp. $4.95 paper.

The Man Who Ran the Subways: The Story of Mike Quill
by L.H. Whirtemore
Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 308 pp. $6.95.


Latin America: Reform or Revolution?
edited by James Petras and Maurice Zeitlin
Fawcett. 511 pp. $.95 paper.

Politics and the Labor Movement in Latin America
by Victor Alba
Stanford University Press. 404 pp. $12.50.

In the Fist of the Revolution: Life in a Cuban Country Town
by Jose Yglesias
Pantheon Books. 307 pp. $5.95.

The Twelve
by Carlos Franqui
Lyle Stuart Inc. 190 pp. $4.50.

Marxism in Latin America
edited by Luis E. Aguilar
Knopf. 271 pp. $2.75 paper.


Modern Arms and Free Men: A Discussion of the Role of Science in Preserving Democracy
by Vannevar Bush
M.I.T. Press. 273 pp. $2.95 paper.

Ombudsmen for American Government?
edited by Stanley V. Anderson.
Prentice-Hall. 181 pp. $4.95.

The Corporate Ideal in the Liberal State: 1900-1918
by James Weinstein
Beacon Press. 263 pp. $7.50.

Marxism and Christianity: A Symposium
edited by Herbert Aptheker
Humanities Press. 240 pp. $6.00.

The Discipline of Power: Essentials of a Modern World Structure
by George W. Ball
Atlantic Monthly Press. 363 pp. $7.50.

Toward a Marxist Humanism: Essays on the Left Today
by Leszek Kolakowski
Grove Press. 220 pp. $5.50.

by Herbert Marcuse
Beacon Press. 290 op. $7.50.

Marxism and Christianity
by Alasdair MacIntyre
Schocken Books. 143 pp. $4.50.


The Scheer Campaign
by Serge Lang
W.A. Benjamin, Inc. 241 pp. $3.95 paper.

Young Radicals: Notes on Committed Youth
by Kenneth Keniston
Harcourt, Brace and World. 368 pp. $5.95.

The Communists and Peace: With a Reply to Claude Lefort
by Jean-Paul Sartre
George Braziller. 307 pp. $6.95.

Write Me In!
by Dick Gregory
Bantam Books. 160 pp. $.95.

History of Socialism: A Comparative Survey of Socialism, Communism, Trade Unionism, Cooperation, Utopianism, and Other Systems of Reform and Reconstruction
by Harry W. Laidler
Crowell. 970 pp. $12.50.


The Spirit of Chinese Politics: A Psychocultural Study of the Authority Crisis in Political Development
by Lucian W. Pye
M.I.T. Press. 255 pp. $8.95.

The Communist Regimes in Eastern Europe: An Introduction
by Richard F. Staar
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. 387 pp. $7.50.

The Ghost of Stalin
by Jean-Paul Sartre
George Braziller. 150 pp. $4.50.

Untimely Thoughts: Essays on Revolution, Culture and the Bolsheviks
by Maxim Gorky
Paul S. Eriksson, Inc. 302 pp. $6.95.

The Chinese Labor Movement, 1919-1927
by Jean Chesneaux
Stanford University Press. 574 pp. $15.00.

The Chinese Communist Movement A Report of the United States War Department, July 1945
edited by Lyman P. Van Slyke
Stanford University Press. $2.95 paper.

Constitutions of the Communist Party-States
edited by Jan F. Triska
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. 541 pp. $12.50.


Dr. Spock on Vietnam
by Dr. Benjamin Spock and Mitchell Zimmerman
Dell. 96 pp. $.75 paper.

The American Crisis in Vietnam
by Senator Vance Hartke
Bobbs-Merrill. 163 pp. $5.95.

We Won’t Go: Personal Accounts of War Objectors
collected by Alice Lynd
Beacon Press. 331 pp. $5.95.


The Spanish Press, 1470-1966: Print, Power, and Politics
by Henry F. Schulte
University of Illinois Press. 280 pp. $6.95.

The Italian Anti-Fascist Press (1919-1945)
by Frank Rosengarten
The Press of Case Western Reserve University. 263 pp. $6.95.

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