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International Socialist Review, July-August 1969


Books Received


From International Socialist Review, Vol.30 No.4, July-August 1969, pp.77-80.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.



The American Negro Revolution: From Non-violence to Black Power, 1963-1967
Indiana University Press. 345 pp. $6.95.

Beyond the Burning: Life and Death of the Ghetto
by Sterling Tucker
Association Press. 160 pp. $2.50.

Black Abolitionists
by Benjamin Quarles
Oxford. 249 pp. $6.75.

The Black Power Revolt
by Floyd B. Barbour, editor
Porter Sargent. 287 pp. $2.95.

Black Rage
by William H. Grier and Price M. Cobbs
Bantam. $0.95 paper.

Black Scare: The Racist Response to Emancipation and Reconstruction
by Forrest G. Wood
University of California Press. 219 pp. $6.00.

The Coming of the Black Man
by Benjamin Scott
Beacon Press. 82 pp. $3.95.

Die Nigger Die: A Political Autobiography
by H. Rap Brown
Dial Press. 145 pp. $4.95.

E. Franklin Frazier on Race Relations
edited and with an introduction by G. Franklin Edwards
University of Chicago Press. 331 pp. $13.50.

The Making of Black America
edited by August Meier and Elliott Rudwick
Atheneum. 2 vols. 377 and 501 pp. $3.95 each.

Many Shades of Black
edited by Stanton L. Wormley and Lewis H. Fenderon
William Morrow. 388 pp. $7.95.

Rebellion or Revolution
by Harold Cruse
William Morrow. 272 pp. $6.95.

by Dan T. Carter
Louisiana State University Press. 431 pp. $10.00.

White Power Black Freedom
by Arnold Schuchter
Beacon Press. 650pp. $11.50.


Agony of American Left
by Christopher Lasch
Knopf. 212 pp. $4.95.

Chicago Eyewitness
by Mark Lane
Grosset and Dunlap. 152 pp. $4.95 cloth; $1.95 paper.

Documents of Upheaval: Selections From William Lloyd Garrison’s The Liberator, 1831-1865
edited by Truman Nelson
Hill and Wang. 294 pp. $2.45 paper.

Intervention and Revolution: America’s Confrontation with Insurgent Movements Around the World
by Richard J. Barnet
The World Publishing Co. 303 pp. $6.95.

Long Journey
by George Charney
Quadrangle Books. 340pp. $7.50.

National Party Platforms 1840-1968
compiled by Kirk H. Porter and Donald Bruce Johnson
University of Illinois Press. 68 pp. $2.50 paper.

Okinawa: A Tiger by the Tail
by M.D. Morris
Hawthorn. 238 pp. $6.95.

Poverty: America’s Enduring Paradox
by Sidney Lens
Crowell. 341 pp. $8.95.

Rebels Against War: The American Peace Movement 1941-1960
by Lawrence S. Wittner
Columbia University Press. $10.00.

Reconstruction: The Ending of the Civil War
by Avery Craven
Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 330 pp. $6.95.

The Weight of the Evidence: The Warren Report and Its Critics
by Jay David
Meredith Press. 304 pp. $6.95.

Women and the Law: The Unfinished Revolution
by Leo Kanowitz.
New Mexico. 312 pp. $8.95.


Arab-Israeli Dilemma
by Fred J. Khouri
Syracuse University Press. 435pp. $10.00.

Israel and the Arabs
by Maxine Rodinson
Pantheon. 239 pp. $5.95.


The Angolan Revolution, Vol.1: The Anatomy of an Explosion (1950-1962)
by John Marcum
M.I.T. Press. 380 pp. $12.50.

Chinese Communist Politics in Action
edited with an introduction by A. Doak Barnett
University of Washington Press, Seattle. 620 pp. $12.40 paper.

Communism and China: Ideology in Flux
by Benjamin I. Schwartz
Harvard University Press. 254 pp. $5.95.

India Independent
by Charles Bettelheim
Monthly Review Press. 410pp. $11.50.

Origins of Trotskyism in Ceylon
by George Jan Lerski
Hoover Institution Publications. 288 pp. $7.50 cloth, $2.85 paper.

Two Innocents in Red China
by Jacques Herbert and Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Oxford. $5.50.

US Policy and the Security of Asia
by Fred Greene
McGraw Hill. 429 pp. $3.95 paper.


An American Dissenter: The Life of Algie Martin Simons 1870-1950
by Kent and Gretchen Kreuter
236 pp. $7.50.

The Harney Papers
edited by Frank Gees Black and Renee Metivier Black
Royal Vangorcum Ltd. The Netherlands. 388 pp.


The Age of Imperialism: The Economics of US Foreign Policy
by Harry Magdoff
Monthly Review Press. 208 pp. $6.00.

Economic Development of Communist Yugoslavia
by Joseph T. Bombelles
Hoover Institution Publications. 219 pp. $5.90 cloth $1.80 paper.

Political Economy of International Oil and the Underdeveloped Countries
by Michael Tanzer
Beacon Press. 312 pp. $8.95.

Welfare Economics and the Economics of Socialism
by Maurice Dobb
Cambridge University Press. 275 pp. $9.50.

Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917 to 1930
by Antony C. Sutton
Hoover Institution Publications. 381 pp. $10.00.


The Children of the Dream: Communal Child Rearing and American Education
by Bruno Bettelheim
Macmillan. 363 pp. $6.95.


Castro, The Kremlin and Communism in Latin America
by Bruce Jackson
Johns Hopkins Press. 176 pp. $2.45.

Economic Cooperation in Latin America, Africa and Asia
by Miguel S. Wionczek
M.I.T. Press. 566 pp. $15.00.

Latin American Radicalism: A Documentary Report on Left and Nationalist Movements
edited by Josue de Castro, John Gerassi and Irving Louis Horowitz.
Random. 646 pp. $10.00.

Pentagonism: A Substitute for Imperialism
by Juan Bosch
Grove. 141 pp. $5.00.


An Essay on Liberation
by Herbert Marcuse
Beacon Press. 91 pp. $5.95.

Max Weber’s Ideal Type Theory
by Rolfe K. Rogers
Philosophical Library. $4.50.

On Genocide
by Jean-Paul Sartre
Beacon Press. 85 pp. $4.95.

Peasants in the Modern World
edited by Philip K. Bock
New Mexico Books. 173 pp. $2.45.

The Politics of War
by Gabriel Kolko
Random. 626 pp. $12.95.

Sidney Hook and the Contemporary World
edited and with a preface by Paul Kurtz
The John Day Company. 474 pp. $10.95.


Allied Intervention in Russia 1917 1920
by John Bradley
Basic Books. 251 pp. $6.50.

Basic Laws on the Structure of the Soviet State
translated and edited by Harold J. Berman and John B. Quigley, Jr.
Harvard University Press. 325 pp. $4.00 paper.

Bolshevik Ideology and the Ethics of Soviet Labor
by Frederick I. Kaplan
Philosophical Library. 521 pp. $10.00.

Encounters with Lenin
by Nikolay Valentinov
Oxford. 273pp. $7.00.

A Picture History of Russia
edited by John Stuart Martin
Crown. 439 pp. $10.00.

The Rift
by David C. Levine
Harris-Wolfe and Co. 217 pp. $6.95.

The Socialist Republic of Rumania
by Stephen Fischer
The Johns Hopkins Press. 113 pp. $2.45 paper.

Stalin and His Generals: Soviet Military Memoirs of World War II
edited by Seweryn Bialer
Pegasus. 644 pp. $10.00.


The Long Charade: Political Subversion in the Vietnam War
by Richard Critchfield
Harcourt, Brace and World. 401 pp. $6.95.


Antonio Grarnsci and the Origins of Italian Communism
by Cammett.
Stanford University Press. $2.95.

The Civil War in Spain: History in the Making 1936-1939
edited by Robert Payne
336 pp. $.95 paper.

Crisis and Decline: The French Socialist Party in the Popular Front Era
by Nathaniel Greene
Cornell University Press. 361 pp. $11.00.

The New Jacobins – The French Communist Party and the Popular Front
by Daniel R. Brower
Cornell University Press. 265 pp $7.95.

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