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New International, September–October 1934


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From New International, Vol. I No. 3, September–October 1934, Inside back cover.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


THE August issue of The New International received a hearty welcome and response from a swiftly-increasing list of readers and supporters. Despite the ban on the magazine by the Canadian authorities, which means a loss of almost 400 readers at present, 3,600 copies of the 4,000 printed have been disposed of, with additional calls for bundles and subscription copies arriving each day in the mails.

The Spartacus Youth Club of San Francisco writes, “The New International has made a very fine impression on all who read it. Send 20 more at once.” Bundle increased from 20 to 40 copies. The Manhattan branch, Spartacus Youth Club, sold 75 copies, an increase of 25 copies over the July issue, and has taken more copies. The San Francisco branch of the Communist League, through its literature agent, writes: “Send 10 more copies of the second issue (increase order to 20); they seem to be going pretty good; expect to have some subs soon.” From Spartacus Youth Club, Chicago: “The magazine was received with great enthusiasm among the membership” – result: an increase in the bundle order.

Literature agent A.C. Doughty from Los Angeles reports that “the second issue is selling nicely”. Los Angeles branch disposes of 85 copies. Similar report from Cleveland which also takes 85 copies.

New York City (agents, newsstands, Youth and League branches, etc.) is disposing of over 700 copies at present; Chicago sales total 275. The formation of a League branch in North Philadelphia brought a letter from the literature agent, saying, “Send a bundle order of 30 for the N. Phila. branch.” The mails a week later delivered another letter and money order with the notice: “Increase bundle order to 50 copies: send additional bundle of August issue.” The other Philly branch disposes of 35 copies.

Boston branch again increases bundle order: from 50 to 75. Total sales in Boston now 100. Detroit literature agent reports: “Enclose express money order. Send 40 copies instead of 25. The magazine sells well and everyone speaks highly of it.” Waukegan, Ill., makes another nominal increase of its order from 15 to 20 copies. All cities report August issue selling well. Minneapolis and Cleveland are preparing a subscription drive for the magazine. Subscriptions are beginning to come in more often.

The New International has met with remarkable success in foreign countries. From far off Sydney, Australia, a letter reaches us from a bookshop: “Received copies of New International this morning and now at five o’clock, six hours after receiving them, they are sold. Therefore, the above order post haste for an increase. Better send 30 copies. There will be a good market for them here. The contents are of splendid quality. Hurry these journals along each issue. My customers are full of praise at the high quality of the format.” Total orders in Australia thus far, 105 copies.

The live agent in Glasgow, Scotland, again increases his order, this time from 50 to 70 copies, and asks for 20 more of the August issue. He says, “We hope nothing interferes with the regular publication of The New International.”

From Cape Town, South Africa, the Lenin Club there writes: “Hearty congratulations ; we wish you every possible success. Enclosed six USA dollars; please acknowledge. Increase our bundle to 30 copies.” Total bundles in South Africa to date equal 75.

From London, come bundle orders from three more bookshops. A group of comrades in the ILP who share our views, increases its bundle order from 30 copies to 50.

This expresses the general attitude toward The New International. More could he quoted. Here are a few comments from individuals.

John Dos Passos, one of America’s most famous revolutionary authors, writes from California: “Thanks very much for sending me The New International. I read it with great interest.”

Max Eastman, who has just finished a second volume on arts and letters, writes: “You are certainly getting out an excellent magazine and I congratulate you on its well-merited success.”

A writer and lecturer writes: “The magazine is most attractively made up and well written and should fill a need for those who are working along political lines ... Best wishes and congratulations. Was interested in the fine work done in getting out both the first and second issues.” From a Canadian outpost in northern Canada: “The New International, I am convinced, is the best Marxist publication in America.” A Louisiana subscriber: “I think The New International is the best edited of any of the organs of the various advanced groups. The cover is striking.” A reader in Rotterdam, Holland, says, “I find The New International a very good theoretical organ.”

To our readers: We ask you to say it also with cash. Help The New International to put itself on a secure basis. The rapid growth of our circulation shows clearly that there are thousands who want to read a thorough-going Marxian publication. The sale of the magazine is excellent. But we want more subscriptions: it makes a planned economy and policy for the magazine much easier. Besides it assures a reader his copy each month. Send in your subscription today: $1.50 per year, to Station D, P.O. Box 119, New York City. (Aside: a donation, to boot, for The New International will not be refused.)

The Manager

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