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The New International, March 1935


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From New International, Vol. II No. 2, March 1935, Inside back cover.
Trawnscribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


WE WERE not aware of the numerous friends The New International has until the January issue came out with the Monthly Pledge Fund. To assure continuous publication and to help us build the circulation to 6,000 we asked our friends to pledge themselves to The New International a certain sum each month for the period of one year, from one dollar to anything up.

C. Johnson of Los Angeles answers the appeal and writes “Donating to the NI the sum of $1.00 which I pledge myself to send regularly each month. Enclosed is my contribution to your fund for maintaining it and make it grow.” Four of our friends in New York City send in a dollar each and each pledges $1.00 a month.

R.R.K. of New York City sends in $15.00 one year’s pledge in advance.

F. Becker of Long Island tells us that she is “temporarily hard up ... I did not forget my January pledge but some of my other creditors were much more impressive ... I will be able to return to the fray on March 1 with a monthly ten bucks.” We feel sure that there are more friends who have not yet sent in their pledges. (A subscription for one year goes to each one year pledge.)

Branches are still sending in increases in bundles but Allentown, Pa. beats them all. They started in January with a bundle of 10. As soon as their bundle reached them they wrote “Send us an additional 25 ... Make our February bundle 50 copies.” That, in our opinion, is being on the job.

A comrade from an underground branch in the south starts off with five copies, saying: “We realize the importance of raising the circulation to 6,000 within six months. Rest assured that we shall do our part.” The Oakland branch, too, is on the job. They write: “Put the NI on the newsstand in the student’s building at the University of Calif, today, also on the biggest news stand in Berkeley. It won’t be long now until we will be increasing our bundle order.”

A friend in Madison, Wis., tells us: “I accidentally came across one of your past issues and it was a revelation. I had no such idea of the calibre of your literature although I still remain a loyal supporter of the official CP.”

Our circle of friends is rapidly growing. Subscriptions, pledges, bundle orders, increases in bundles – each is another dash of cement to the strengthening of the foundation of a skyscraping New International.

The Manager

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