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The New International, April 1936


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From New International, Vol. 3 No. 2, April 1936, Inside back cover.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


With unfailing regularity we receive letters from our readers commending the high quality of our magazine. So numerous are these testimonials to the high esteem in which it is held that it would not be possible to reproduce them all; but as an example we are printing herewith a couple of the most recent messages of encouragement.

One comrade writes from Detroit:

“I wish to join The New International pledge fund with the modest pledge of $1.00 per month. I feel that it is so vital and so interesting an organ of the revolutionary movement that its uninterrupted appearance must be assured. I hope that in the future I shall be able to contribute more substantial sums.”

Another comrade writes from Northville, Mich.:

“Am enclosing check for $10.00 to push my pledge ahead a bit ... The New International is producing the goods up to a high standard. The February issue articles by Markin on Stakhanovism, the Trotsky articles and the summing up of trade union activities in the US are all fine stuff.”

This is the kind of support that has made it possible for our magazine to appear. It could hardly have been accomplished any other way, and it has become a point of pride with us to be able to say that we have a goodly number of excellent supporters. Nevertheless our aim remains to build up and enlarge this circle of supporters.

An additional proof of the high esteem in which our magazine is held is rendered by the numerous orders we have received for bound copies of volumes 1 and 2. In fact our first supply is exhausted and we are getting a second supply ready. Elsewhere in this issue we have made announcement of the specially reduced price for these bound volumes. At this point we want to mention only that in case some of our readers have a complete set of all the issues from July, 1934 up to and including December 1936, which they wish to have bound and supplied with our specially prepared double index, please send us the copies together with $1.50 and the bound volume will be returned postpaid. Should any of our readers desire to receive merely a copy of the double index, this will be supplied upon request.

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