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The New International, January 1938



From New International, Vol.4 No.1, January 1938, p.2.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


THE FIRST request we make to all our readers who have already rallied so loyally to the review in all parts of the world upon the announcement of its re-publication, according to the orders received by the business manager, is an expression of opinion. Do the contents fulfill the requirements? Whether or not they do, what suggestions have the readers for improvement?

We lay great store by international collaboration, so that our readers may have the best analysis of world political events and the developments in the international labor movement. Letters have already been written to the most qualified writers in the revolutionary Marxian movement of the most important countries of Europe and Latin America inviting regular contributions to the review. Coming issues will devote the necessary number of pages to such articles.

What is more fitting for a review issued by Marxists in the United States than the closest attention to the situation in the countries to the south of us? The revolutionary movement in Latin America has a decisive role to perform in the period to come. An effective struggle against Yankee imperialism requires a thorough knowledge of its workings on the American continents. We expect to publish important studies in this field by our comrades in Mexico, Cuba, the Argentine, Brazil, Panama, Chile, Venezuela, and other Latin American lands.

Nor do we intend to ignore our own United States. In addition to articles on current political problems – the future of the Labor Party movement in the United States, for example, is one such problem we hope to treat soon – we aim to probe into the history of the past. Old readers especially will welcome the return of George Novack, whose all-too-brief picture of John Brown appears in this issue. The author has promised us an absorbing article on the famous, and much-maligned, “draft riots” in New York during the Civil War. Others will come.

To ignore the enduring work of Marx and Engels would be not to live up to our title. As before, we shall produce some of the best works of these great thinkers which have not yet, unfortunately, been translated and published in English. Their freshness and cogency to present-day problems are often astonishing.

Polemics? Discussions? About serious questions, seriously dealt with – always. By the way, what responsible representative of anarchism will take up the challenge of Felix Morrow in the current issue? Our pages are waiting for him.

This is not a prospectus, only some hints. And your “hints”?

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