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The New International, March 1938


The Editors


From New International, Vol.4 No.3, March 1938, p.66.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


THE TRUTH of the matter is that the 32-page size in which we are now printing The New International, is inadequate for the material we have on hand in increased quantities. Really to deal properly with all the important events and problems of our time, we would require a 48-page magazine. But however inadequate 32 pages may be to our purposes, they are still better than no pages at all, and we endorse, consequently, the appeal of the Manager to our left for financial aid to our review and aid in increasing the already gratifying circulation.

We feel apologetic about the material on hand which did not manage to get into this issue, even though we planned and promised some of it last month. It is so often a toss-up between one article and another, that like as not a perfectly necessary and important item will be nosed out That proved to be the fate of the articles on the new Brandler-Thalheimer position on the Soviet Union; on the relations between Rosa Luxemburg and Lenin on the organizational question and the attitude towards the pre-war centrists; and others. We do pledge ourselves to make them available to our readers at the speediest possible rate.

At the very last moment comes the good news that we may look forward to a couple of new studies by Leon Trotsky for early issues of our review. One of them deals again with the question of Kronstadt, which will be of interest especially to those who have followed our discussion with the anarchists, part of which may be found in the current issue. And speaking of discussions and symposiums, we should like to hear from our readers on these subjects, and to get suggestions from them on points of dispute and debate.

As may be seen from this issue, we are giving an increased amount of space to our book reviews. In future issues, it is planned to reduce the size of the average review and increase the number of important books commented on. It is not our intention to confine the reviews to purely political, economic and historical works, but rather to cover the broader field of letters without, of course, losing sight of the main objective of our periodical. We think we can assure our readers of a book review of considerable value in view of the number of revolutionary critics with whom we have discussed systematic collaboration and who have pledged to contribute.

The last issue’s Review of the Month was favorably received and we intend to continue its publication. The title of the section has been changed, however, since the old one seemed to promise too comprehensive a survey, whereas the editors have in mind a more modest scope, confined to selected items of comparative importance.

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