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The New International, June 1938


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From New International, Vol.4 No.6, June 1938, p.162.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


A HALF-YEAR of the revived New International, and just beginning to go strong. An increased run for the June issue is certain. Minneapolis, Chicago and New York City are undertaking campaigns for the magazine; see other columns. San Francisco and Los Angeles, through the NI agents, Eloise Booth and John Murphy, have made new arrangements for the development of literature sales, and already the results are noticeable. A new order has been placed in McDonald’s Bookshop, San Francisco. An old-timer, A.C. Doughty, also disposes of a bundle in Los Angeles, in addition to the Party-YPSL quota. Minneapolis has increased its order by 25.

Numerous increases to be recorded since the April issue: In Allentown, Pa., Ruth Querio, agent, is following up outside contacts through personal visits and getting results. New Haven, Conn.: “May issue selling wonderfully; newsstands all sold out; send ten more at once.” – Morris Gandelman. Youngstown, Ohio: “Increase our order to 20 per month” – Harvey Dawes. Sydney, Australia: “Increase our order to 40” – N. Origlasso, Secretary, Workers Party ... Advance Book Shop, Sydney, Australia: “Increase our order to 20 ... Congratulations on reappearance of The New International which is well received here in Australia.” London, England: “Increase order to 36 copies.” – Mildred Kahn, for WIN Group.

In many cities the circulation of the magazine has definitely improved and prospects are reported very bright. T. Leonard, Boston, reports that “Sales at stores increased this month; sold 27 out of 34 copies; this is the best record they have had yet”. In Lynn, Mass., St. Louis, Mo., Pittsburgh, Pa., Fresno, Calif., Newark, N.J., Philadelphia, Pa. – indeed in virtually all localities now, the SWP and YPSL comrades are taking hold of The New International and making progress with circulation. New York City still has to overcome laxness in two or three branches, but improvement will follow soon.

Everywhere The New International is hailed. All the more reason, therefore, for our Party and Youth comrades to take the steps necessary to ensure the maintenance of our theoretical organ, and, moreover, to make expansion possible. Bundle circulation is good, but subscriptions remain our weak side, though there has been a slight improvement in recent weeks. But not nearly enough. Organized subscription campaigns, as in Minneapolis and Chicago, are the answer. Where not yet started, each branch should institute a subscription drive, following methods best suited to their locality.

Also, social affairs, picnics, etc. are in order for the benefit of The New International. Chicago recently held a social at the home of comrade B. Ogren, attended by about 60 persons, mostly University students. The Indiana Harbor, Ind., branch is scheduled to hold a social for the NI.

The commentaries from so many sources on the high calibre of The New International are so laudatory that surely Party and YPSL comrades can, with some organized efforts, obtain large numbers of new readers and subscribers.

What readers say:

Detroit, Mich.: “I did not wish to send you an empty letter, but Roosevelt’s Recession struck my practise with such disastrous force that it was difficult to collect a few spare dollars ... I am sending you ten dollars to bring my pledge to date ... I find The New International a very stimulating magazine, and only wish the editorial parts were even more extensive. The book reviews are very helpful.” – S.G.

Vancouver, B.C.: “The April issue is a honey; keep up the good work. It’s getting better every issue.” – G.S. Hildegarde Smith, Hutchinson, Kansas: “The February issue is gorgeous ... If you can keep up that record!” Of course we can – through the cooperative effort of the editors, business department, Party and YPSL

London, England: “From every issue of The New International, there is something to be gained which one can’t possibly obtain from any other journal.” – Henry Sara.

Winnipeg, Canada: “The New International has been selling all right. Am concentrating on getting subscriptions now. Certainly we value the importance of our Marxian theoretical magazine.” – N.C. Neudorf, Czechoslovakia: “We have received the issues of The New International. We were surprised at your really excellent and beautiful review which indeed is in every regard superior to our European publications.” – H.T.

Omaha, Nebraska: “The New International is received with gratitude. It gets mighty lonely out in the weeds and a ‘trade unionist’ can be mighty happy and get the clear dope after messing around in all the junk connected with our work ... The NI is preserving the ideas and the banner of the revolution.” – A.R.

Ted Selander, Toledo, Ohio, lauding the magazine, at the same time offers numerous suggestions for articles. Other readers, follow suit. Suggestions are welcomed.

Readers in Glasgow, Scotland, Strasbourg, France, Washington, D.C., and many other cities, too numerous to cite here, send in their endorsement.

Sheffield, England: “The New International is the very thing. Will you please accept this cheque as a small token of my appreciation – toward the cost of production.” – F.W.C.

How shall YOU say it? Well, we like flowers, of course, but better yet, say it with donations and subscriptions.

* * *

As we go to press, additional orders are coming in for the June issue. Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Hutchinson, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Fargo and Allentown are among some of the cities that have placed extra orders in anticipation of the increased demand for this number.

New York City is preparing for a wide circulation of the June number, and there is every indication that sales will be increased several hundred.

The Manager

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