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The New International, June 1938


Minneapolis, New York and Chicago
Conducting Special New International Drives


From New International, Vol.4 No.6, June 1938, p.187.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


THREE important centers, Minneapolis, Chicago and New York City, are engaging in subscription and circulation campaigns on behalf of The New International during the months of May and June. Of the three efforts, the campaign of the Minneapolis and Saint Paul comrades is the most ambitious and imposing. Minneapolis has set out seriously to obtain at least 100 subscriptions during this period, and comrade Michael Freed, chairman of the committee, is confident that the goal will be reached. Other members of the special New International Committee are Arthur Hopkins, Tom Caddis and Chester Johnson who is in charge of the records. Prizes are being offered to the contestants who obtain the most subscriptions, with $1.00 counting as one point. The prizes offered are:

First Prize – Collected Works of Lenin, Eight Volumes.
Second Prize – The Revolution Betrayed, autographed, by Leon Trotsky.
Third Prize – Bound volume of The New International.

In New York City, Abe Miller, competent Literature Director of the Socialist Workers Party, is endeavoring to mobilize the Party and Youth members for a New International Week in latter May, during which bookshops, newsstands, high schools, colleges and universities, both day and evening sessions, trade union halls, and public gatherings, indoor and outdoor, will be intensively covered with The New International. The June issue, containing the feature article by L.D. Trotsky, is expected to sell strongly in various intellectual circles as well as among the tendencies in the labor movement. The NI sales in New York City are now much better organized under Abe Miller than ever before, but comrade Miller says that it is but a beginning. It is expected that the YPSL comrades also will begin to take better hold of The New International.

Local Chicago, during the months of May and June, will center on a subscription campaign, as well as general sales, for The New International. This will be the last big drive in Chicago before the fall season, writes Karl Shier, very able director of literature there. Isadore Bern is lending assistance in this drive; comrade Ed. Myers is making special signs.

Onward! Minneapolis, New York, Chicago!

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