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The New International, July 1938


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From New International, Vol.4 No.7, July 1938, p.194.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


THE June issue of The New International, as anticipated, was in greater demand than any previous issue and brought numerous increases in bundle orders from literature agents and also requests for single copies from all parts of the country. Chicago and the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) pushed their subscription drives. The Minneapolis subscription campaign is meeting with success, a batch of subscriptions having already been sent in. Chicago reports the June issue selling unusually well, and also sends in subscriptions.

St. Louis, New York, Chicago and Minneapolis issued special literature – leaflet, cards or folders – on the magazine. New York’s was the most imposing and attractive – a four-page folder for general distribution – advertizing contents and writers of The New International. 10,000 such folders have been printed. Dave B. sent in a bundle order increase to 50 copies for St. Louis and comrade Frank McC. followed this up with a batch of subscriptions from the St. Louis area. Fine work, St. Louis.

In addition to those mentioned in the previous issue, Vancouver, Toronto, Louisville, Baltimore, Winnipeg, Johannesburg, also sent in increased orders for the June number. Louisville, Bill B., agent, increased its regular order to 10; Johannesburg, South Africa, to 50. New orders were placed by Portland, Oregon, and Evansville, Indiana. In Canada, the magazine must circulate under difficult conditions or more could be said about the various comrades in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Montreal who work hard and well for The New International.

On the Pacific Coast, Los Angeles and San Francisco are now beginning to give real attention and organized effort to the magazine, and this is beginning to show results. John Murphy, new Los Angeles agent, writes: “We have arranged a literature drive ... Have been busy getting committees organized and contact lists compiled. We do not promise miracles, but I confidently predict that you will see a decided change in the Los Angeles literature division.” E. Everett, also of Los Angeles, confirms this development.

And in San Francisco, where Eloise Booth, the new literature agent, has taken vigorous and successful hold of the literature department, we can now expect marked improvement. Comrade Booth says, “The local comrades are becoming interested in sub-gathering. The May issue sold very well to the sailors,” and adds that the magazine contains articles which lay a basis for understanding our daily propaganda and hence are invaluable in San Francisco’s work.

In Oakland, Calif., Karolyn Kerry has taken hold of the magazine and her experience and ability are sure to give added impetus to The New International there. From San Diego, Dave H. writes, “The last two numbers have had a fine effect here. Have now placed copies on one of the largest down-town newsstands.” In general, The New International agents, both of the SWP and YPSL, everywhere work hard on behalf of the magazine. In fact, the magazine sells remarkably well, all factors considered, in such cities as St. Louis, Akron, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Newark, and elsewhere, and attests to the spirit and organization the comrades in charge put behind the magazine. It is pleasing to mention the fine work carried through by comrades. In Minneapolis, by Chester Johnson, Mike Freed, Tom Caddis, Art Hopkins; E. Lund and others in St. Paul. The Minneapolis-St. Paul subscription drive will, we feel sure, go over the top, as a result of their planning and work. In Chicago by Marjorie Graham, YPSL, for her fine work on the Chicago University Campus; by Sam Richter, N.W. Side Branch; and by Herbert Martin, Indiana Harbor, Ind., where The New International circulates very well among young steel workers, and of course that ace literature agent, Karl Shier. In New York, Abe Miller, Literature Director, has given organization and improved spirit to the work. Among the youth Chester Manes and Connie Hammett endeavor spiritedly to increase sales, and latterly have been meeting with greater success. Jimmy Judd, Freddie Drake, Selma Stephens, and live wires in other branches and circles sell or promote The New International at meetings, schools, etc. Ben Levine, Upper West Bronx, sold 15 copies of the June issue in his union. Bertha Gruener, Upper West Side, Manhattan, has proved an excellent sub-getter. Lower East Side, Manhattan, under Miriam Gerson’s active direction, has continuously disposed of an excellent quota. Morris Miller systematically covers a large number of newsstands and bookshops. New York City will show a good increase in June sales as a result of added efforts by the city organization and the comrades.

The May issue, writes Chas. Martell, Akron, Ohio, went like hot cakes, “but the June issue! We have only 14 copies left and we received our bundle order of 50 only yesterday. Give us more of the same and we’ll soon boost our order. I liked the type, too, on the front cover.” P.O. News Co., Chicago sold 28 copies the first three days, and the Chicago sales of the June issue will reach 350. Ed. Fitzroy, Battersea, England, writes: “Please find payment for April issue. It sold very well indeed ... I am now sending copies to Ireland.”

Dave B., St. Louis declares, “The New International is certainly building up a fine reputation, and improving on its former reputation even.” A subscriber from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is “very glad to discover that you have started publishing The New International again”. “There is no praise rich enough,” comments J.H., a University teacher in New Jersey, “for the editors and the contributors of The New International. The magazine has more than surpassed my expectations and I had read very carefully every issue of the ‘old’ New International.”

Margaret Johns, London, England, maintains that “The New International is certainly very useful to us; it is extremely valuable both as a source of information and for Marxist education”. From a reader in the Republic of Panama: “I read the magazine with great pleasure. It is undoubtedly the outstanding organ of revolutionary Marxism in these days of Popular-Frontist confusion-ism.” An unemployed worker from Los Angeles expresses the matter concretely: “Work is still very irregular for me, but here is $1.00 toward my subscription.”

From the prairie and cattle region, Omaha, Neb., Al R. sends “Congratulations on The New International. The ‘Old Man’ is as wonderful as ever ... Rain on parched soil.” From Olivia, Minn., J.E., a WPA teacher, enthusiastically declares: “We like The New International. It is the best written and has the most timely articles of any paper that we have ever had. It is the outstanding magazine in the revolutionary movement ...” W.N., Zurich, Switzerland, says, “We read The New International with great interest.”

But we like best, this time, what comrade Max Sapire, Secretary the Workers Party of South Africa, writing from Johannesburg, has to say:

“It would certainly be a tragedy if The New International would, for any reason, particularly financial, have to cease publication, or if you would have to cease sending out orders to foreign agents. This must be prevented at all costs, and you can count on us for all possible assistance to prevent such a catastrophe.”

And there we have the problem. A magazine, the peer of all revolutionary publications; well received throughout the world. But a costly publication to get out – large printing and mailing costs. Circulation going up; yes, indeed, but not fast enough to assure maintenance, and not nearly enough to make expansion, enlargement, which is imperative, possible in the very near future. The answer you, all of us, must give? Greater circulation: Sales, Bundle Orders, Subscriptions, CONTRIBUTIONS.

The Manager

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