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The New International, November 1938


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From New International, Vol.4 No.11, November 1938, p.322.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The New International continues in a precarious financial situation, but not because of any slack in circulation. As a matter of fact, the October number was in great demand, so that new orders and reorders resulted in a complete sell-out of the October issue; not even, literally, a handful are left in the NI office. So far, so good. But as this column is written, we cannot definitely say that the November issue will be out on time, though we’ll try, because too many of the larger accounts in the United States are needlessly and inexcusably delinquent with their bundle payments. Till, also, they awaken to their responsibilities to our Press, it is necessary to add to the list of Party Branches whose NI bundles are discontinued. These are Philadelphia, Pa., and the smaller Marysville, Calif. Branch. But we feel confident that the Party and YPSL units will hearken to our letters and to the urgent pleas in other columns of the magazine, speed up bundle payments and plan SUBSCRIPTION DRIVES.

New York, both Party and YPSL, showed a little improvement with the October issue. The YPSL increased their amount to 120 copies and the SWP disposed of 360, besides the usual 125 for the Labor Book Shop. The Party is planning a subscription campaign, and the Youth are waking up to the need to circulate the magazine. In Los Angeles, John Murphy is working hard and expects that Los Angeles will show improvement. He writes that the literature department is running a Hallowe’en Party to help liquidate its bills to the magazine.

There were, as we’ve come to expect, new orders and also increases in bundle orders, namely: Cleveland, Paul Scott, agent, from 25 to 35 again. Cleveland’s ambitious now and has set a much wider circulation goal by Christmas. Good luck, Paul! You’ve earned your spurs on much harder fields. Mildred Kahn, London, England, from 42 to 48 copies; South Bend, Ind., from 15 to 20; Bob Birchman is agent; Sydney, Australia, once again from 30 to 40. Comrade L. Short writes: “The boys upbraided me when they heard I’d reduced the order; so send 40 in future. Group is on up and up and will soon be a significant force in Australian labor movement.” New Haven, Morris Gandelman, agent, ordered an extra five copies of October number.

New Orders: The Nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C., an order for 5 copies; Mary G., agent. Quite a few persons also subscribe there. Haifa and Jerusalem, Palestine, 8 copies. Ithaca, New York, an order for 20 copies by the YPSL on the Cornell Univ. Campus. There’s a live agent there – Ed. Speyer. Indianapolis, Ind., 5 copies. East Oakland, Calif., E.M., agent, 10 copies.

Many agents continue to work hard and do exceptionally well with the magazine. Karl Shier, Chicago, we repeat sotto voice so that Karl won’t swell, still does the best job of all. Ed. Fitzroy, London, England, writes that the September issue was completely sold out, and that the fusion of the groups there has helped swell sales ... Frank Maitland, Edinburgh, Scotland, reports that the Scottish comrades are systematically canvassing for regular readers and expect success. A special circular has been sent by the Revolutionary Socialist Party there to all its supporters to take The New International. New York, too, Abe Miller informs us, will issue a special circular in connection with the sales and subscription drive. And Minneapolis, writes Chester Johnson, regards the NI as “a very valuable magazine” and “is taking steps to increase circulation in this area in line with your recent special circular letter”. We are confident results will be forthcoming from there. John Murphy of Los Angeles got up a particularly fine circular on literature with the object of increasing membership activity thereon. St. Paul, Minn., where the Party’s recent candidate for Mayor, Jules Geller, is also the literature agent and a contributor to the columns of the magazine, writes that the Branch is holding an entertainment soon for the benefit of the magazine. Other Locals, please emulate. The Lynn, Mass., SWP branch, Lee Colvin, agent, responded with a small donation to the October NI’s plea for contributions. Imitation is also in order here. Many Branches and YPSL units have succeeded in placing the magazine in additional bookstores and newsstands. These included Youngs-town, Ohio, M. Hess, agent; Baltimore, Md., Wm. Bowen, agent; Los Angeles; Chicago is concentrating on stand sales for next period; Worcester, Mass., Pauline T., agent; Pittsburgh, Pa., M. Krupka, agent. In Akron, Ohio, Bob Ferguson has taken hold of the NI and literature department, and that means Akron will step along still faster with the magazine.

* * *

But, we must repeat and repeat, SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE THE FOUNDATION AND SECURITY FOR The New International. Activity and campaigning for subscriptions is a first MUST always on the agenda. It is possible to secure them through organized efforts. The management will always assist Branches and localities directly and specifically with suggestions and advice. Constant praise for the quality of The New International comes in greater amount from everywhere in the United States and throughout the world – far, far too many to think of publishing but a fragment of them on this page. But surely with such a widespread, genuine and favorable sentiment for The New International, the Party and YPSL units can cash in with MORE SUBSCRIPTIONS, with a bit more of the “old Red try”. E. Fishier of Chicago has sent in a number of subscriptions in past weeks, and we’ve already reported on Tom Gaddis’s work in Mpls., which he promises to continue.

The Manager feels pretty sure that The New International now reaches EVERY IMPORTANT COUNTRY in the world. Friend and foe alike must keep up with the finest and soundest thought of the period. Recently a number of subscriptions were received from the Japanese Consulate in New York and from a “concern” in Berlin, Germany. And Stalin & Co. have just had to sneak The New International into the Soviet Union to learn better how the enlightened revolutionary workers, increasing in number, are fully “wise” to the betrayer of the world’s proletariat. Interesting, is it not, that in the same month, the Governments of the Mikado, Hitler and Stalin just have to make sure their satellites keep up with the times. Well, if the Devil would read ...

The New International,” we agree with comrade C. of Fresno, “is excellent and indispensible for Marxists. Its continued existence is absolutely essential to the Party.” R.L., New Castle, Pa., adds that “The New International must be kept growing until it reaches the distribution its eminence warrants.” Hear, hear! But that’s where every comrade enters into the picture – by helping to sell the magazine and really trying to obtain subscriptions. Can you picture what it would mean to the revolutionary movement, to our Party, if The New International were to suspend publication? We can; it would be calamitous,and must not be. Great was the role of The New International in the past; greater is its role today and in the future. This is recognized everywhere. H.M.v.G., writing from Cape Town, South Africa, says:

The New International is just what the doctor ordered. All the praise that has been heaped upon it from all parts of the world is not one bit exaggerated. Comrades here still cherish affectionate memories of the old Militant and The New International issued by the Workers Party of the United States. These papers were the educators of the cadres of our movement here in South Africa. The new issue is a worthy successor, and each number is awaited with the greatest eagerness and keenest anticipation.”

To this in closing, we have only to add: this column is appreciative of the cooperation and good work of the NI agents and assisting comrades, Party and YPSL, everywhere: San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Diego, Fresno, Portland, Boston, Newark, Allentown, Reading, Rochester, Quakertown, Fargo, Plentywood, Omaha, Toledo, Worcester, Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Hutchinson, Columbus, Evans-ville, and other US cities; Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, India, England, Scotland, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the many other places where agents loyally do their work. We urge: Keep up the good work, and more of it. BUILD OUR PRESS! BUILD The New International! BUILD OUR PRESS – the great organizer for the Fourth International!

The Manager

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