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The New International, March 1940


At Home

From New International, Vol.6 No.2, March 1940, p.34.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Again this month we have reason to be deeply grateful to the loyal Fourth Internationalists of South Africa. Their more than generous contributions tipped the scales favorably and assured publication of a 32-page magazine for the month of March. The bulk of these remittances came from Capetown. While we do not feel it wise to mention the names of the comrades concerned, we want to assure them through this column of our heart-felt thanks.

* * *

We regret the totally unintentional slight to Philadelphia, last month, which should have been commended for performing the all too rare feat of clearing up a large outstanding bill. Thank you, comrades. You help vindicate the American Section of the charge of failure to give full support to our theoretical organ. To Lois Lowell, Philadelphia’s conscientious literature agent, who is now undergoing an operation, our appreciation for a job well done and our hopes for a speedy recovery.

* * *

Writes J.P., Syracuse, of the February issue: “Glad to see 32 pages again”. G.C. of St. Paul: “I don’t believe we ever got out a better issue. We have sent out our entire order to local Stalinists and neo-Stalinists”. John Boulds, of Plentywood, Montana: “The whole NI is good”. Joe B., Baltimore, Maryland: “The popularity of the New International seems to be increasing here. Please send us more copies!”

* * *

The February issue, as G.C. indicated, is of particular interest to Stalinist workers, as irrefutable evidence of the unswerving loyalty of Trotskyists to the Soviet Union. There is still a limited supply of the February issue on hand, and we shall be glad to mail sample copies out free to all your Stalinist contacts, if you send us their names and addresses.

There has been an increase of reader interest in the magazine, and yet subscription orders have dropped off sharply, because of obvious slackening of branch work in this direction.

This office could be flooded with subscription orders in the space of one week, if you’d bestir yourselves. Make it an adjunct of your Appeal RED SUNDAYS: Drop in at a friend or contact’s house after your house-to-house selling and tell him (or her) how you spent your morning. Discuss your party’s literature thoroughly – and we guarantee you’ll come home proudly with a subscription order. Good luck to you! (We need it!)

* * *

Bundles, bundles – more than ever before, what about your bundle payments? Although the February issue has been out for several weeks, and a new issue is now off the press, very few bundle payments have come in. Comrades, there is little more that we can say. The comrades at the center are doing all they can to assure the appearance of the magazine each month. Now what is needed is that extra effort from the field which will guarantee an early and regular publication date. It should not he difficult at all to maintain the New International if each branch would pull its own weight. Let the shekels flow!

The Management


Editorial Note:

This issue of the New International is devoted exclusively to presenting to the readers of our journal the issues which the membership of the Fourth International have been discussing internally for the past five months. Inasmuch as the discussion has revealed profound differences over the most fundamental questions, we are at this time making the debated issues public. The National Convention of the party, called to decide the disputes, will convene in New York City on April 5.

The internal discussion, which has been completely free and unlimited in accordance with the democratic tradition of our organization – all articles submitted by any member being published in the Internal Bulletin – has produced rich contributions of Marxist thought. We regret that restrictions of space limit this issue of the New International to publication of only a few of the most important articles.


The following footnote to the Resolution on the Soviet Union printed in the last issue of the New International was inadvertently omitted:

“The resolution on Finland which appeared in the Socialist Appeal, December 9, 1939, is to be considered as a supplement to this resolution on the Soviet Union.”

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