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The New International, January 1947


W. Brooks

[Letter of Correction]


From New International, Vol. XIII No. 1, January 1947, p. 31.
Transcribed by Ted Crawford.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.



In my article on the Jewish Question in the November issue of The New International there is a rather serious error. The Words “conditional” and “conditionally” were substituted for “unconditional” and “unconditionally.”

In the paragraph under the subhead Relations to Arab Revolt in line 9, the sentence should read, “We will have to support it [the Arab struggle for national liberation] unconditionally ....” In the final paragraph, the sentence should read,

“To call not only abstractly to the Jewish workers now in Palestine to fraternize with the Arabs, but concretely to share fraternally with the Arabs their land and improvement, their knowledge and skills, their hospitals and cultural institutions and any advantage whatsoever flowing from their better equipment, better education and the funds which have flowed and will flow in the future into the country from abroad; to lend to the Arabs their (the Jewish workers) unconditional support of the right of the exclusive use of the Arab language in all institutions which the Arabs will hereby acquire.”

I used the word “unconditionally” in the sense defined by Leon Trotsky in the excellent article in the September issue of The New International, The Church Struggle Under Fascism, where, in speaking of unconditional support to the church opposition against fascism, he defines it as meaning that “we must fulfill our duty toward the opposition movement, without imposing any kind of conditions on the participating organizations.” In relation to Palestine, the participating organizations would refer to the Arabs. To be sure it is just a question of terminology. But this terminological controversy has been settled once and for all by the above mentioned excellent article.

I would appreciate your printing this correction.


Fraternally yours,

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