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New International, March 1947


The Editors

A Note to Our Readers


From The New International, Vol. XIII No. 3, March 1947, p. 66.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Beginning with this issue, The New International is devoting an increasing amount of its space to the problems currently being discussed in the Fourth Internationalist movement, both here and abroad. Max Shachtman’s article, The Nature of the Stalinist Parties, is a contribution to one of the most burning problems confronting the revolutionary Marxist parties. It is equally important in the domain of Marxist theory and in the field of practical politics. Shachtman’s article consists of a chapter from a forthcoming book, devoted to the major programmatic questions that have arisen in the Trotskyist movement since the outbreak of World War II. The book is scheduled for publication in the latter part of the year.

Another chapter from the above-mentioned book will appear as our leading article in the April issue. It is devoted to an examination of the “Russian Question,” that is, the dispute in the ranks of the Marxists as to the class character of the Russian state. Shachtman’s presentation is a polemical exposition of the point of view of the Workers Party that Russia represents a new exploitive society with a new exploiting class.

The April issue will also carry a reply to the attack upon the political line of the Workers Party contained in a recent article in the Fourth International by Ernest Germain.

Also scheduled for appearance in our forthcoming issues are two articles by James T. Farrell. One is a discussion of Isac Rosenfeld’s novel, Passage From Home. The other is an analysis of the “literary left” during the Popular Front period.

An article by Irving Howe replying to the editors of Partisan Review on their espousal of a frankly pro-American imperialist line against Russia was reluctantly omitted from this issue, due to space limitations. It will appear next month.

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