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New International, February 1948


Yvon Cheng

A Correction



From New International, Vol. XIV No. 2, February 1948, p. 59
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.



... Today we also received the NI of last October. We were very happy to see our draft resolution on the colonial question in your magazine. We hope that it will become a subject of discussion in our world movement.

But the editorial note prefacing our resolution contains an error. “A minority,” it read, “which advocated continued support to Chiang after China had become the junior partner and captive of the Big Three, split from the League, while the official organization pursued the political course contained in the following resolution.”

In reality, the Struggle Group – which continued the policy of national defensism in the so-called “war of resistance” – is also an official organization. Apparently you are not acquainted with the history of the split in our Chinese section. To begin with, a year before Pearl Harbor we discussed the question of the Sino-Japanese war. The majority of the Political Bureau (which was the editorial board of Struggle) was won over to the policy of revolutionary defeatism – four members; only two members continued advocating critical support of the bourgeois government. But at the national conference of July 1941, following the March 31, 1941 resolution of the International Executive Committee (you will find it in the Fourth International for that year), the majority of the conference rejected defeatism. As a result we, the majority of the Political Bureau, became the minority. The split took place after Pearl Harbor.

On the colonial question the Struggle Group today declares its agreement with the leadership of the International; as for us, our position on this question is “at variance with the line of the Fourth International” – this we learn from a letter to us by the International Secretariat.

Our organization charges me with asking you to make this little correction in the next number of the NI.


Fraternal and internationalist greetings,
Yvon Cheng

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