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New International, April 1949




From The New International, Vol. XV No. 4, April 1949, p. 98.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


This is the first issue of The New International to appear after the formation of the Independent Socialist League.

The New International will continue to carry the message of independent socialism for the ISL as it has done in the past for the Workers Party. Our weekly newspaper, Labor Action, will reach its subscribers in all countries of the world regularly, as it has done up to now.

We checked through our files the other day and found that these publications go out to readers in 43 different countries on every continent; from Wagga-Wagga, Australia, to Cochabamba, Bolivia; to readers in almost every state in the Union and all of its major cities. We regard it as one of our primary tasks that the flow of information concerning the developments in the working class and in the socialist movement shall not cease.

The cost of sending thousands of copies to the four corners of the world, to socialist comrades who are unable to pay, plus the present high costs of printing have placed a heavy drain upon our financial resources. Therefore the ISL has launched a Fund Drive for $14,000 in order to sustain the press.

We know that our readers will wish to contribute to the success of this effort. Every contribution enables us to send more copies to brother socialists abroad who write frequently asking us to continue to send our periodicals. We ask you to send us your contribution to enable us to continue this work. All contributions of whatever size will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged by return mail.

* * *


As is our practice, The New International will not be published during the summer months of May and June. The next issue will be dated July 1949, and will feature articles on Congress; Germany and the New Europe; a Report from England and an extremely interesting piece on Ilya Ehrenburg.

This issue will appear on time, and we expect to resume our regular appearance with this issue.

The New International

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