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New International, July 1949




From The New International, Vol. XV No. 5, July 1949, p. 130.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


One of the lesser known services of The New International is the file copy department. A quantity of each issue is set aside and reserved for the future use of interested readers. In this manner, we are able, when called upon, to supply any copy number of the magazine dealing with a particular topic.

There has been an extra heavy call on those issues containing articles on Yugoslavia. These are the August 1948 number, containing Max Shachtman’s Tito vs. the Kremlin; September 1948 with Hal Draper’s ‘Comrade’ Tito and the Fourth International; and the October 1948 number with Draper’s The Economic Drive Behind Tito.

Another issue for which there is a constant demand is the January 1949 number which carries as a lead article the debate between Max Shachtman and Father Rice on Marxism vs. Catholicism.

Upon request we can send any reader the issue or group of issues containing articles on the subject in which he may be interested. The charge is 25 cents for each copy published within the current year, and 30 cents per copy for issues published during 1947 and 1948. The price for earlier numbers will be furnished on request. Order from The New International, 4 Court Square, Long Island City 1, N.Y.


During the past month New York led in the number of subscriptions sent in to the NI, Chicago running a very close second. Fergy, our agent for the Windy City, is doing a top-notch job in bringing in the subs and cleaning up an old and bothersome back debt.

Also heard from during the past month with subscriptions and payment on bundle orders were Buffalo, Cleveland, Hartford, Philly, San Francisco, St. Louie and Seattle. There were also two subs sent in from South America, for all of which many thanks.

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