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The New International, July–August 1951




From The New International, Vol. XVII No. 4, July–August 1951, p. 194.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The series by T.N. Vance, The Permanent War Economy, has been received by our readers with what can only be described as mixed feelings. We regret to say that a serious and even somewhat technical discussion of economic trends has become such a rarity in current Marxist writing that some people show signs of having got out of the habit of concentrated reading of this kind.

For our part, we are happy to be in a position to present this analysis to our readers. We hope that it will stimulate discussion, and that some of this will spill over into written comments for the magazine.


Similarly, the issues revolving around the problem of workers’ control in industry which were raised in the last issue are viewed by us as a beginning of exploration and discussion in one of the most vital areas of Marxist theory for our time.


In past Memo columns we have reprinted parts of letters received from readers all over the world. These almost unanimously testify to the very real need which the NI fills for the Marxists abroad.

We want to state quite frankly, however, that the domestic response, as judged by the rate of increase in subscriptions, falls far below what we think is the reasonable circulation for the NI in this country. We are fully aware of all the factors which operate against the massive spread of subscriptions for our kind of magazine. Yet we are confident that if the present readers made it their business to interest their friends and acquaintances in subscriptions, the circulation could be doubled and trebled with great ease.

Will you do your bit toward this end?

L.G. Smith

* * *


Production difficulties occasioned by the summer vacation period compel us to issue a slightly smaller issue – 56 pages instead of 64. Two reviews were omitted, A Philosophy of Labor, reviewed by Ben Hall, and the Memoirs of Victor Serge, reviewed by Henry Judd. They will appear in the next issue. – Ed.

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