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The New International, March–April 1952



From The New International, Vol. XVIII No. 1, January–February 1952, p. 2.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The New International needs money, and it needs it badly, There is really no way of putting this hard fact to our readers gently, or of dressing it up so that it will look like something else. And in any event, we have no desire to resort to the sugar-coating techniques which have been developed so expertly by the professional fund raisers.

Our magazine costs far more money to produce than we can hope to get from subscriptions and sales. That means that it has always relied on the contributions of its readers and supporters who have subsidized it because they are convinced that it fills a crying need. We advisedly refrain from using the word “generosity” in describing these contributions. For by contributing financially to the NI our readers have been helping primarily themselves.

The Independent Socialist League is now running its annual fund drive. It is appealing to all its members, friends and sympathizers to contribute heavily. We want to take this opportunity to make a special appeal to those readers of the NI who will not be reached by other means.

Part of the ISL’s annual deficit is built up by its contributions to the NI. As the money comes in during this fund drive, it will have to be distributed among all our creditors. If there is not quite enough to go around, our financial situation will move from its “normal” state of crisis to one of real desperation.

That puts the matter squarely up to those who are not intimidated or shaken. We are convinced that the vast majority of the present readers of the NI fall in the above group. You can now demonstrate in a practical way that we are not in error in our conviction that you will help.

Sit down right now, before you have put the magazine aside, and mail us a check or money order. Take seriously this responsibility which is yours, and which only you can fulfill. Any sum will help. But as in so many other things, a very little can be almost worthless, while a lot can have significance beyond its actual magnitude. So, make your contributions large ones.

L.G. Smith, Business Manager

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