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The New International, March–April 1952



From The New International, Vol. XVIII No. 2, March–April 1952, p. 50.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


We are happy to inform our readers that the Langland Press in New York has just issued the first volume of A History of Economic Theories, From the Physiocrats to Adam Smith, by Karl Marx. This work now appears in English for the first time.

Students of Marx will know that this book is part of a four volume work based on material which Marx had hoped to issue as the fourth volume of Capital. He died long before the project could be completed, and Engels was able only to complete the famous three volumes. In his literary legacy, Karl Kautsky was given the task of editing and issuing this collected material, which he did in a German edition as Theories of Surplus Value, Marx’s original title. A French edition appeared as A History of Economic Doctrines.

Kautsky completed the work after years of the most painstaking labor of deciphering and organizing the overwhelming mass of handwritten material left by Marx. But almost fifty years have passed since the first appearance of the German edition before an English one has come out.

The material in this volume covers the same ground as that which appears in the first volume of the four which make up the whole of the German edition. Terence McCarthy, the translator, writes that the second volume is already in preparation.

This publication project is a noteworthy event for students of Marxism. It is by no means to be thought that the work is simply a historical survey. It contains much material casting important sidelights on Marx’s economic views. It may be obtained at $5 a copy from Labor Action Book Service, 114 W. 14th St., New York City.

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