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New International, Spring 1955


L.G. Smith

Support the New International


From New International, Vol. XXI No. 1, Spring 1955, p. 2.
Marked up up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


With this issue we commence quarterly publication of The New International. We do not pretend that the move from a bi-monthly to a quarterly is an advance. We have taken this step reluctantly, but it has been forced on us by circumstances beyond our control.

Although the annual mass of material published will now be less, we expect that each issue of the quarterly will be better in many ways than each individual issue of the bi-monthly. First of all, the magazine should now appear on time – a factor which should aid newsstand sales as well as the Sale by friends of the magazine of each issue as it appears. Secondly, the improved appearance of the colored covers, and their stiffer consistency should serve to make the magazine more attractive as well as more durable.

The price per copy has been raised, but it is well within the range of magazines of a similar size. The bundle rate of 35¢ a copy should make it possible for supporters of the magazine to increase its circulation without additional cost to themselves.

And that brings us to one of the biggest problems which faces the NI, and the one problem which is really in the hands of its readers. That is the need to increase the circulation of the magazine.

We don’t think it necessary to argue for the importance of increasing our circulation. That is a first-rate political task for all independent socialists these days. It is one of the most fruitful ways to acquaint people with socialist ideas, and to win them to a socialist point of view. But it has been neglected sadly of late.

We know the obstacles which stand in the way of a really massive increase in our circulation. But we are convinced that it could easily be doubled in six months if our present readers make up their minds to do the job.

Don’t sit back and let “George” do it. Why not decide, right now, to get two or three of your friends to subscribe to the magazine before the next issue? Your decision will, in the long run, be decisive in stabilizing the magazine and ensuring its expansion and improvement in the future


Business Manager

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